If you have been to Innovo Kitchen, you have most likely seen Tina around the dining room or host stand. Tina Kruger is the owner of Innovo Kitchen, and as John (head chef) calls her, the backbone of the company. Many people come into the restaurant wanting to see the head chef, John LaPosta, unaware that Tina owns 100% of the company. As a big baseball fan, there is a saying that John quotes to her often, “You are George Steinbrenner but everyone comes to see Reggie Jackson, the face of the Yankees.”  Normally Tina is not one for the spotlight. However, we had to recognize all the hard work, dedication, and positive energy Innovo Kitchen’s Tina Kruger brings to the restaurant each day. 

Innovo Kitchens Tina Kruger Owner

Tina is a true role model for every woman who works at Innovo Kitchen. She is the person behind the scenes who handles all staff issues, money, payroll, etc. She also has the job of keeping John grounded and focused, which he jokes is a full-time job. Not only is she the glue that holds the staff and the restaurant together behind the scenes, but she also leaves a lasting impression on all of our guests. 

Tina is amazing with every guest that walks through our doors. She remembers people’s names and where they like and don’t like to sit. She even manages to find tables for customers who call asking for one, when we have been sold out for weeks. She bends over backwards to accommodate our guests and create a wonderful experience for them. Tina’s contagious smile and passion infuses our dining room every day. She provides hospitality and warmth to our guests that feels like a giant blanket being wrapped around you. 

If you have never had the pleasure of meeting Tina or the rest of the staff at Innovo Kitchen, make sure to stop by the restaurant for a delicious meal and warm hospitality. Our innovative gastropub menu offers a variety of delicious starters, entrees, cocktails, and desserts. We guarantee you will leave feeling satisfied and excited to come back for more to create more great experiences at Innovo Kitchen.