The holiday season is a wonderful time to get together with friends, family, and co-workers to celebrate. People take this time to gather at house parties or corporate events to show their appreciation for one another, celebrate the year’s accomplishments, and honor the season’s prominent holidays. Whatever the occasion, you should consider holiday catering for company parties, family celebrations, and more! 

Holiday Catering for the Office

Hosting a holiday party at the office is a great way to show appreciation for your employees, celebrate the year’s accomplishments, and to network with customers. Hiring a company for holiday catering makes organizing a company holiday party much easier. Hiring a caterer ensures the food will be high-quality and you will have a wide selection of menu options to choose from. No more potluck parties, where you have to pretend to enjoy some of the more questionable food items. If you are inviting customers, partners, or other people you wish to impress to your holiday party, what better way to add a wow factor than having your party catered. 

Holiday Catering at Home

The holidays should be about spending time together with family and friends, not spent meal prepping and cooking for hours. When you choose holiday catering for your family gatherings and holiday parties at home, you avoid the supermarket crowds and free up your schedule to plan other parts of the party that don’t revolve around the food. You will also get to spend more time with your guests than preparing the meal. With holiday catering you can choose from a wide selection of options and there is something to add to the menu for everyone!  

Innovo Kitchen’s D.I.Y Catering Menu for Holiday Catering 

Whether you’re hosting a family gathering at home, or planning a holiday party at the office, Innovo Kitchen’s D.I.Y. Catering Menu is perfect for holiday catering. We have a wide variety of delicious trays to choose from. We provide complimentary delivery by Innovo Staff (based on availability) and pride ourselves on providing clean and safe service for our customers.  

This holiday catering menu provides customers with many freshly prepared options in either small or large tray options. The menu features some of our customer’s favorite snacks and appetizers, a taco bar, hot dog bar, handhelds, salads, and entrees. Whatever the occasion, we have a D.I.Y menu to help celebrate. See our full D.I.Y. menu and fill out a catering request for your next celebration.