We all know the wedding industry is constantly evolving with new trending ideas for décor, color schemes, attire, and the food options. One of the latest trends lately is having a food truck at your wedding. Food trucks are growing in popularity because they are cost-effective catering options that create a unique experience for the guests. When weighing different catering options for your big day, here are a few reasons to have a food truck at your wedding.  

Cost-Effective Catering Option

Weddings can be expensive, and who you choose for catering is a big part of that. With traditional wedding catering, there are a lot of added costs that go into the total investment such as linens, tableware, and individual fancy plating and meal options. Having a food truck at your wedding can help cut down costs because it is less formal which means less embellishments with plating and décor, fewer servers and cooks, and less equipment needed.  

Fresh and Delicious Assortment of Food

Your guests will not be disappointed if you have a food truck at your wedding. With traditional catering, guests typically have to pick from a few select menu options ahead of time. Or, they eat from a buffet that has a few more choices but might not be as fresh from being picked at by everyone else and left out. Wedding food trucks have a kitchen onsite and prep the food on demand. They might even cook each request to order if they can accommodate the guest count. Since they are cooking everything onsite and throughout the event, it means that the food will stay fresh for the guests. Food truck companies can also be more willing to work with you on designing a custom menu, providing your guests with plenty of food options to choose from. 

Add to the Ambience

Another reason it’s trending to have a food truck at your wedding is because it is an easy way to add to the overall ambience of the big day. Each food truck tends to have their own unique style of food and look of the actual truck. Picking the right food truck for your wedding can help tie in your wedding theme, act as unique photo opportunity for guests, and provide an outdoor dining option for venues that don’t have a formal kitchen area. Food truck companies are typically flexible when deciding on a food schedule as well. Many provide not only the main meals for the wedding but can also provide made-to-order hors d’oeuvres for cocktail hour or a late night after party. 

Simple Cleanup

The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is clean up after the event. By having a food truck at your wedding, clean up becomes very minimal. The great part about hiring a food truck company is that they pack everything back up in their truck after the event and drive it away.  

Support Local Business

Many local food truck companies are owned and operated by small local businesses. Having a food truck at your wedding helps local businesses in your area, which can make your big day that much more memorable.